Tribal Register

Governing Documents

The Band's governing documents are a compilation of statutes, ordinances, resolutions, orders, policies, opinions, rules, and official acts produced throughout the years.


Notice gives Band members and Band employees an opportunity to comment on draft bills either during a specified comment period or at a formal public hearing hosted by the Band Assembly. For dates, times, and contact information, please review the notice below.

Pursuant to Legislative Order 28-20, Band Assembly may provide a comment period to the public. Also, pursuant to 3 MLBS § 17, the Band Assembly must hold a formal public hearing on any bill which alters, amends, or repeals Titles 1, 3, 4, and 5, Chapter 1 of Title 2, and subchapters 1 to 3 of Chapter 3 of Title 24.

There are no notices at this time.

Revisor's Office

The Office of the Revisor of Statutes is established pursuant to Title 25. The Revisor annually compiles, updates, and publishes Band laws and official acts; provides confidential drafting services of proposed legislation and policy revisions to the District Representatives; and establishes the Tribal Register for the publication of Band statutes and policies, Legislative Orders, Secretarial Orders, Executive Orders, Commissioner’s Orders, Opinions of the Solicitor, Chief Justice Orders, and other official notices.

If you would like to purchase a hardcover or paperback book of the Band's Statute book or Official Acts, please feel free to email the Revisor of Statutes.

Revisor of Statutes: Hanna Valento
Phone: 320-532-7435

Legal Resources

  • Guide to Legislative Processcoming soon
  • FAQcoming soon
  • Revisors Drafting Manualcoming soon