Legislative Branch


The Legislative Branch is made up of the Band Assembly — comprised of three District Representatives and the Speaker of the Assembly.

Band Assembly passes laws, allocates revenue, ratifies appointments of commissioners, and oversees the Office of Management and Budget.

Band Assembly conducts formal business every Wednesday at 10 a.m. The option to view the Band Assembly is available through live-streaming.


  1. On June 2, 2021, for the first time in the Band's history, the Band Assembly was live-streamed. Live-streaming ensures that Band members and employees, regardless of location, can watch the Band Assembly conduct formal business.

  2. With the new website going live, please find the Band's Constitution and Statutes on the Tribal Register.

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Elected Officials

Sheldon Boyd

Secretary/Treasurer/Speaker of the Assembly

Sheldon Boyd was elected Secretary/Treasurer in 2018. In this role, he wears two hats — Secretary/Treasurer and Speaker of the Asssembly. As Secretary/Treasurer, he has the powers and duties in administrating the financial affairs of Band government. As Speaker of the Assembly, he is the leader of the Legislative Branch.

His priorities include transparency and inclusion of Band members in the legislative process. He considers his Ojibwe culture and spirituality the most defining parts of his life, and since 1985, he has been a drum member, serving as a pipe carrier.

Most recently, he was the IT manager for the Band’s Department of Health and Human Services. He formerly served the Band as Commissioner of Administration, who is the chief of staff to the Chief Executive.

The son of the late Grace and Raining Boyd, Sheldon split his childhood between the Mille Lacs Reservation and Minneapolis, graduated from Minneapolis South High School and Northwestern Electronics, and attended the University of Minnesota Duluth. He has four children and four grandchildren who inspire him to make decisions that consider the coming generations. He also is a health and fitness enthusiast who enjoys running.

Virgil Wind

District I Representative

Virgil Wind is the newest member of Band Assembly and was elected to serve as the District I Representative in 2020. Wind grew up in District I of the Mille Lacs Reservation, where he was raised by his grandparents, the late Sonny and Dorothy Wind.

Wind is known as a collaborative leader who is committed to getting things done for the betterment of Band members. “I’m going in knowing that my personal feelings and biases really don’t count at all compared to the needs of 4,800 Band members who want to leave a better world for our future generations. If we take a collaborative approach mentality and maintain the willingness to have hard conversations as a team and as a family, we will be worlds ahead of where we are today.”

In addition to his service to the Band, Wind is an active community volunteer, serving as chairman of the Onamia Public School Board, and a member of the local Indian parent committee. He also volunteers in support of youth sports and for his children’s activities. Wind enjoys participating in cultural activities, playing volleyball, and spending time with his fiancé Nicole and his five kids, Dionne, Keenan, Josh, Jakob, and Emma.

Prior to joining Band Assembly, Wind was an entrepreneur and business owner, operating an independent contracting business for the past 27 years.

Marvin Ray Bruneau

District II Representative

Marvin Bruneau was elected to serve as the District II Representative in 2018. Bruneau served as the Mille Lacs Band’s District II Representative from 1990 to 2014. Bruneau has also served the Band as a member of the Housing Authority Board of Directors, a Community Health Representative, and a Drum Society member. In addition, Bruneau has been an Emergency Medical Technician and a factory worker in the McGregor area.

He is a lifelong resident of District II on the Mille Lacs Reservation. He is the father of three daughters, Erin, Amanda, and Amber. He graduated from McGregor High School and attended the College of St. Scholastica.

He enjoys fishing, reading, and spending time with his family. He looks forward to coming back to serve as a member of Band Assembly and making positive changes for the tribe.

Wallace St. John Sr.

District III Representative

Wallace St. John Sr. was elected District III Representative in 2018. He has worked for the Mille Lacs Band government and resided in District III of the Mille Lacs Reservation since 1999.

Most recently, St. John worked in land maintenance and wildland for the Band’s Department of Natural Resources for seven years. Previously he held housing and public works positions for the Band, at Black Bear Casino as a blackjack dealer and shift supervisor, and in public works for the Fond du Lac Band. His volunteer service includes 10 years on the Nay Ah Shing School Board and 11 years on the Mille Lacs Band Boxing Commission.

St. John is the proud father of six children and twelve grandchildren. He is a graduate of Flandreau Indian School, where he was active in student government. He intends to integrate the Ojibwe cultural values of peace, harmony, and balance with nature into his work for the community.

Legislative Branch Employee Contact List

Sheldon Boyd Secretary Treasurer

Office 320-532-7427 Cell Phone 320-630-6369

Virgil Wind District 1 Representative

Office 320-532-7424 Cell Phone 320-630-5570

Darla Roache District 1 Office Manager

Office 320-532-7423 Cell Phone 320-362-0793

Marvin Bruneau District 2 Representative

Office 218-768-3311 Cell Phone 218-670-0461

Cheryl Miller District 2 Legislative Aide

Office 218-768-3311 Cell Phone 320-630-6870

Wallace St. John Sr. District 3 Representative

Office 320-384-6240 Cell Phone 320-630-3332

Michelle Pomerleau District 3 Legislative Aide

Office 320-384-6240 X3224 Cell Phone 320-630-6701

Brianna Boyd Legislative Affairs Director

Office 320-532-7536 Cell Phone 320-630-8702

Valerie Harrington Legislative Chief Communications Officer

Office 320-532-8918 Cell Phone 320-630-5123

Semira Kimpson Legislative Coordinator

Office 320-532-7422 Cell Phone 320-630-0350

Darcie Big Bear Parliamentarian

Office 320-532-7420 Cell Phone 320-362-0126

Kiana Morrison Assistant Band Assembly Clerk

Office 320-532-7428 Cell Phone 320-405-9460

Adam Candler Legislative Counsel

Office 320-532-7421 Cell Phone 320-630-5044

Hanna Valento Revisor of Statutes

Office 320-532-7435 Cell Phone 320-362-0467

Joseph Jensen Staff Attorney

Office 320-532-8919 Cell Phone 320-733-0421

Deanna Sam Department of Motor Vehicles Deputy Registrar

Office 320-532-7498 Cell Phone 320-279-0178