Chain Link Fence at MLB Transfer Station

Contractor shall supply lump sum cost to provide materials and labor for installation of a chain link fence as follows in the base bid.

  1. Contractor shall supply and install a chain link fence along two sides of the Mille Lacs Band Transfer Station. Approximate fence perimeter totals 600 lineal ft. Contractor shall include 600 lineal 7’ ft high chain link fence + 3 strands of barbed wire for an overall height of 8’. Fence should have SS40 posts and rails (type) Fence will connect to fence structure for gate opening with on 90 degree corner connecting to existing fence structure with same specifications.
  2. Contractor to salvage existing double swing gate to be re-installed using new hardware.

Fence specifications should be SS40 posts and rails (type), 2-1/2” OD line posts to be air driven 5’ in depth. Posts should be 3” end and corner, 4” gate posts to be concrete set in 12”x 6” concrete footing. Fence material to be 9 gauge commercial grade galvanized chain link fabric with a 2” mesh.

Public Works staff will remove the existing damaged chain link fence.

Bidding Notes:

In order to receive plans a mandatory pre-bid phone call with Brian Scheinost, Director of Public Works is required to go over project scheduling, Mille Lacs Band contract documents and any question contractors may have. Cell Phone Number for this call is 320-630-2624.

Your proposals shall include the following:

  1. Bid should show a fixed fee to do the above mentioned work schedule. Bid must be signed by contractor to be valid.
  2. Copy of current MLB Vendor’s License. (or a copy of submitted application)
  3. Copy of current certificate of insurance for General Liability and Property Damage.
  4. Copy of an authorized signature sheet if one is not already on file with the Mille Lacs Band.
  5. Federal Davis Bacon wage scale applies to this project.
  6. Plans and Specifications can be obtained by contacting Brian Scheinost, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Public Works Department at (320) 532-7437.
  7. Prime Contractor needs to perform at least 33.3% of the work.
  8. Compliance with the EEO executive order 11246 as amended, compliance with the Copeland anti-kickback act and compliance with the sections 103 and 107 of the contract work hours and safety standards act.

All Proposals must be mailed and labeled as follows:

    Attn: Commissioner of Community Development
    Sealed Bid: Transfer Station Fence Installation                         PO Box 509
    Onamia, MN 56359

Proposals are due in the PO Box by 3:00 pm on June 26, 2024. A public bid opening will be held at 9:00am on June 27th, 2024 at the Mille Lacs Band Government Center.

Please note that the bids submitted via mail to the P.O. Box. FedEx and UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box and the Onamia post office will not accept hand delivered items. Please plan accordingly to ensure the timely receipt of your bid submittal.

**The Band reserves the right to reject any bid that it is unable to collect at the Onamia post office by the bid deadline date and time, provided that the Band has made diligent and reasonable efforts to collect the bid. The Band reserves this right even in the event that the bid has been postmarked before the deadline.


Questions or obtaining Plans and Specification regarding this project should be addressed to Brian Scheinost at the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Public Works Department (320) 630-2624.


Firms must be licensed with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. A copy of this license (or the license application) must accompany each bid. Licensing process can take several weeks. If you are not currently licensed with the MLBO, please submit a copy of your license application along with your proposal. Contact Elizabeth Thornbloom at (320) 532-8274 or via email at ethornbloom@grcasinos.com with questions regarding licensing and for the license application.

Contractors must acknowledge TERO applies to this project. Any questions contact Lori Trail, TERO Director, at (320) 532-4778.