45225 US Hwy 169, Onamia Residential Renovation

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, Community Development office will be accepting sealed lump sum bids for a residential renovation at 45225 US Hwy. #169, Onamia, MN. These bids are for this “Revised RFP”. Bids will be due Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 3:00 PM. Bids received will be opened and qualified by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe on Thursday July 11, 2023 at 10:00 AM.

A mandatory Pre-Bid site visit will be held at the site on:

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 11:00 AM.

General Notes:

  1. It is the Contractors responsibility to identify any and all discrepancies in the scope of work, not meeting Industry Standards or that which is inconsistent with the International Residential Code (IRC), and Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe 2016 MLB Project Specification Book.
  2. All electrical wiring, apparatus and equipment for electric light, heat and power, technology circuits or systems shall comply with the rules of the Department of Commerce or the Department of Labor and Industry, as applicable, and be installed in conformity with accepted standards of construction for safety to life and property.
  3. Contractor must reconnect all utilities, service panel or service feed. Also includes gas, propane. Include such equipment or materials identified in the pre-bid conference.
  4. Contractor will secure all permits and fees.
  5. Contractor is responsible for a thorough investigation of the scope of work.
  6. Contractor will repair any damage to the property or structure created by the scope of work.

Work Scope Description:

Porch Roof Replacement / Connection to Existing Home Roofing

  1. ROOF DEMOLITION AND REMOVAL: Remove and dispose of existing shingles from porch and entire house. Remove Roof sheathing from porch roof area to expose existing roof rafter framing. Prepare remaining roof sheathing for new roofing materials to be installed. Remove all existing insulation from the porch roof rafter cavities.

  2. CARPENTRY / RAFTER STIFFENING: Provide and install 2 x 6 material and labor to strengthen the existing roof deck structure. Each existing 2x6 “rafter” in the ceiling of the porch will have a new 2x6 “sistered” to provide strength and rigidity. This work will be performed from above and the existing porch finished ceiling will remain as-is. (No interior Porch work or repairs).

  3. PORCH INSULATION: Provide and install rigid poly iso foam insulation in multiple layers to achieve a thickness of 5”. The top layer of insulation shall be foil faced, with foil facing upwards. Stagger the joints of the rigid insulation and keep off-set. Maintain enough space for ventilation above the foil faced sheet of rigid. The insulation must be properly caulked and or foamed at edges, etc… Seal all air gaps in rigid insulation by combination of caulking, sealants and or foam around the perimeter. The insulation install will take place from the exterior located above the porch as to not disturb the existing pine ceiling below.

  4. PORCH ROOF SHEATHING / DECKING: Provide and install new 5/8” roof sheathing over the entire “porch” area. Include temporary tarps and weather protection during construction.

  5. HOUSE ROOFING: Provide and install “ice and water shield product” over the entire porch roof and up two rows on the entire home perimeter prior to installing new shingles. Install Ice and water protection in all other areas as required by building code. Provide and install new Timberline shingles for entire house and porch roof. Include new penetration boots and flashing as necessary. Include new gable end vents, new static box vents, HVAC Roof vents, and drip edge. Elder homeowner to select color of shingles.

  6. METAL WRAPPED SOFFIT AND FASCIA: The entire house will receive new aluminum soffit and fascia including the porch soffit and fascia. New wood soffet dimensional lumber at NE corner to be replaced prior to meltal wrap installation.

  7. REPLACEMENT WINDOWS: All new windows provided and installed for the original house. There are (6) windows and frames to replace. (1) in living room area, (1) in sitting area immediately adjacent the kitchen, (2) in the first bedroom and (2) in the second bedroom. THERE WILL BE NO NEW WINDOWS OR FRAMES IN THE PORCH AREA. This is a completely different window plan from the original RFP. Use the ThermoTech Slider Window as per the Mille Lacs Band Spec. Book. NOTE: Existing windows had previously been replaced and the rough openings were reduced in size. New windows shall be sized for the original rough openings. Current replacement reduced rough opening by approximately 2”.

  8. HOUSE SIDING: Siding will be repaired as needed on the existing home. The area near the utility penetrations has extensive repair and replacement. The home exterior requires material and labor for repairs to damaged areas. Much of the exterior siding is in acceptable condition. Only obvious damaged areas to be replaced. Match new and repair siding with same. All repaired and replaced exterior wood and siding will be provided, finished and installed by the contractor. Exterior wood products should be purchased pre-finished as close to color as possible. We do not require exterior painting.

  9. KITCHEN CABINETS: Remove and replace kitchen cabinets as identified in Home Depot Plan and Quote #H2818 at Baxter Location. (see provided Cabinet Layout) Also, include all new countertops as identified on the plan.

  10. KITCHEN PLUMBING: Provide and install Fireclay 36” Single Bowl Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink with pull down kitchen faucet and accessories. (available at Home Depot) Include disconnecting and removal of existing and all installation requirements to meet local and or state codes. Note, plumbing supply line location moves a few inches.

  11. KITCHEN FLOORING: Provide and install flooring substrate to accept the lower cabinets. Confirm that the new, lower cabinet underlayment and footprint under the removed lower cabinets is repaired flat for proper cabinet installation. Vinyl plank repairs along cabinet base will need minor “repairs”. The flooring is new and attic stock is available and will be provided by owner.

  12. CONCRETE SIDEWALK IN-FILL: Complete the concrete sidewalk adjacent the garage entry. It is apparent where the sidewalk was not completed when the original sidewalk was poured.

  13. CONTINGENCY ALLOWANCE: Include a $4,000.00 CONTINGENCY ALLOWANCE LINE ITEM TO THE BASE PRICE. Whatever the unapproved or unused portion of the contingency will be deducted from the base price on final billing.

Specified Product Substitutions: All proposed product substitutions must be approved by the Project Coordinator 5 days prior to bid. Any approved substitutions, will be made available to all bidders.

Interested bidders shall contact Jim Carpenter – CMD Project Coordinator or at 320.364.9865 to be included on the bidder’s list in the event that any addendums are issued for this project.


  1. The Contractor shall be capable of mobilizing his equipment and crews within seven days of the receipt of Notice to Proceed.
  2. Contractor shall provide means and methods for all building phases of construction.



Bidding notes:

  1. Submit proposal in lump sum (supply and install), not to exceed amount
  2. All Contractors (including subcontractors) must comply with Davis Bacon wage requirements.
  3. All Contractors should provide the following along with their bid submittal:
    a. Completed and signed MLB Community Development Construction Bid Form
    b. A copy of Current MLB Vendor’s License (or a copy of the submitted application)
    c. A copy of Current Insurance Certificate
    d. A copy of Subcontractor/Material Supplier list
    e. A copy of valid State of Minnesota Contractor’s License
    f. A copy of Authorized Signature Sheet (submitted with first bid submittal)
  4. All Contractors must comply with all Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe American Indian Employment requirements (see 18 MLBSA § 5). Contact Lori Trail at (320) 532-4778.
  5. INCLUDE ½ % of the total bid for TERO FEE in your base bid.

All proposals must be mailed and labeled as follows:

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Commissioner of Community Development
Sealed bid: (45225 US Hwy. #169)
PO Box 509
Onamia, MN 56359

Please note that the bids submitted via mail to the P.O. Box. FedEx and UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box and the Onamia post office will not accept hand delivered items. Please plan accordingly to ensure the timely receipt of your bid submittal. Do not require delivery signature.

**The Band reserves the right to reject any bid that it is unable to collect at the Onamia post office by the bid deadline date and time, provided that the Band has made diligent and reasonable efforts to collect the bid. The Band reserves this right even in the event that the bid has been postmarked before the deadline.



  1. Firms must be licensed with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. A copy of this license (or the license application) must accompany each bid. Licensing process can take several weeks. If you are not currently licensed with the MLBO, please submit a copy of your license application along with your proposal. Contact Elizabeth Thornbloom at (320)532-8274 or via email at with questions regarding licensing and for the license application.

Permit and Contractor Requirements:

Permits: Contractors are responsible to obtain all necessary permits for all work, including Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (MLBO) Permits. Inspector is Toby Egan at 320-630-2491 or
Email toby.egan@millelacsband.com Be sure to include correct permit cost based on updated permit schedule.

Bonding Requirements: In accordance with Mille Lacs Band Title 7 as updated in Band Ordinance 07-22. Please note that bonding requirements on Mille Lacs Band Funded Residential projects has changed.

Band Ordinance 07-22 states the following:

For all Band funded residential construction projects, a performance bond is required for contracts in excess of $100,000.00