Teacher: PT Special Education

Any individual who receives an offer of employment or will receive a payroll check are required to submit to a drug and alcohol test as a condition of obtaining employment.
Mille Lacs Band Member/American Indian preference applies

The special education teacher is responsible for working with students with disabilities. The special education teacher works within the general education setting as well as in an educational resource room setting. The position is responsible for developing and implementing IEPs as well as providing academic and or behavioral support to students with disabilities as well as those thought to have a disability. The teacher would be responsible to administer, gather and interpret data for assessment purposes. The position works with general education, service providers, administrators, paraprofessional and families. This is a Part-Time Position.

• Loves young people, can whole-heartedly engage in working with and for them.
• Bachelor’s degree, must have a current Minnesota licensure in special education.
• Maintains a high level of competence, exercises discreet judgment and honors confidentiality.
• Strong understanding of Special education law, due process and compliance.
• Must possess excellent organizational skills and flexibility.
• Compliance with Mille Lacs Band drug and alcohol policy.
• Compliance with Federal background check, per policy.
• Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
• Must have drivers license Must be insurable under the Mille Lacs Band Drivers Insurance policy.
• Must have current valid driver’s license.
• Must be insurable under the Mille Lacs Band Drivers Insurance policy.
• Must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.
• First Aid, CPR and crisis prevention intervention certifications obtainable.
• Some special education licenses may be considered more desirable based on the needs of the school.
• Background investigation required that shows no theft or fraud above a misdemeanor, no felony drug conviction and no sexual or crimes-against-a-person conviction at any level.
• A staff person with direct contact with or access to children in care must disclose the arrest, conviction, and applicant background information if that staff person:
(a) has a conviction of, has admitted to, has an adjudication of delinquency for, has been charged and is awaiting trial for, or a preponderance of the evidence indicates the person has committed:

  1. a crime against a child;
  2. an act of physical or sexual abuse;
  3. neglect;
  4. a felony;
  5. the same or similar crimes as those in this subsection listed in the laws of another state or of the United States or of any Tribal law;
    (b) has a conviction of, has admitted to, has an adjudication of delinquency for, has been charged and is awaiting trial for, or a preponderance of the evidence indicates the person has committed any misdemeanor offense under Federal, State, or Tribal law involving crimes of violence; sexual assault, molestation, exploitation, contact or prostitution; crimes against persons; or offenses committed against children. The Licensing Committee may evaluate the nature and time of a misdemeanor assault charge as well as other types of misdemeanor crimes not specified in this section to determine whether employment is appropriate.
    8 MLBSA § 1212(a-b).

• Develops, implements and communicates student Individualized Educational Plans.
• Works with students to enhance academic achievement.
• Designs/Modifies and aligns curriculum to meet the individual student needs.
• Member of the Child Study Team (CST).
• Communicates with parents/guardians per the IEP or as needs arise.
• Responsible for imputing and monitoring grades, attendance, behavior, and communications with families in the student information system (NASIS).
• Works with general education teachers to modify curriculum and strategies as needed.
• Provides interdisciplinary individual and group experiences for students with disabilities.
• Fosters in students a positive attitude toward all curriculum areas.
• Creates a healthy, safe, welcoming and comfortable learning environment that supports students’ growth and development.
• Works with students to help them learn self-advocacy skills.
• Keeps accurate records pertaining to student growth. Prepares student progress reports.
• Completes on-going student assessments and presents to parents regularly.
• Observes students regularly and makes modifications in individualized plans to ensure success for all students.
• Promotes and maintains appropriate behavior in classroom.
• Develops individualized curriculum appropriate for students in the program.
• Plans, organizes and implements a variety of learning experiences to meet stated curriculum objectives and individual student needs.
• Coordinates with classroom teachers and staff to incorporate applicable academic modifications into students’ classroom curriculum.
• Ensures all parent information and consent requirements are met.
• Develops a positive relationship with parents by establishing and maintaining open communication.
• Provides parents with tools and information to encourage student growth in the home.
• Conducts parent meetings and individual parent conferences with all parents as required by law and best practices.
• Participates in planning and attends various school events.
• Maintains student educational records in accordance with current laws, regulations and grants.
• Maintains the documentation and reporting requirements of the school.
• Maintains and improves professional competence by participating in faculty meetings, team meetings as a member and facilitator, in-service training, staff committees and other appropriate professional activities.
• Networks with other providers.

• Scheduled school year typically day time hours (usually 8am -4pm) at 20 hours per week with some need to attend meetings, trainings and school events after hours and to maintain work load requirements as an Part-Time employee.
• Significant and frequent stress.
• Work is Indoors

Submit resume, cover letter, and employment application to:

43408 Oodena Drive
Onamia, MN 56359

Fax: 320-532-7492