Urban Office

The Twin Cities area is home to several hundred Mille Lacs Band members. The Band’s Urban Office exists to provide programs and services to Band members living in the Urban Area.

The Urban Office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Services available at the Urban Office include: Band hunting and fishing licenses, referrals for traditional healing and other services, notices of meetings and other events, and forms related to Band enrollment, insurance, loans, tribal identification, emergency assistance, scholarships, and other services. Please call for availability.

Mille Lacs Band Urban Office
1404 East Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Tel: 612-872-1424
Fax: 612-872-1257


This is an incentive program for urban Band youth in grades kindergarten through 12. Students are eligible for Star Awards if they make the “A” or “B” honor roll, have perfect attendance, or receive a commendation note from a teacher or coach about their respectfulness, helpfulness, athletic achievement, arts and performance, perfect attendance, or Eager Reader Awards.

Computer Use

Band members are given free access to a computer during regular business hours.

Educational/Ojibwe Language Cultural Arts and Crafts Classes

Various classes are offered throughout the year. Please call the Urban Office for more details.

Referrals to Indian Child Welfare Act Social Workers

The Urban Office provides referrals to ICWA Social Workers, who offer case management and other social services to Band families that have children in the foster care system.

Referrals to Band Member Legal Services

The Urban Office provides referrals to BMLS, who provide basic legal services to members of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.

Referrals to Aanjibimaazizing

The Urban Office provides referrals to Aanjibimaadizing, which serves the MLBO community by providing relevant and cutting-edge programming to address the barriers faced by members of our communities. Aanjibimaadizing offers a wide variety of training to assist adults and youth in creating lifelong skills that will help them attain their educational and career goals.


Transportation is provided to major Mille Lacs Band events.

Special Events/Family Events

The Urban Office holds events including an annual Halloween Special, a Holiday Party for community members, and an end-of-the-school-year celebration and community picnic, which celebrates the work of students, their families, and the community.

Community Monthly Meetings

Held on the last Thursday of every month, these meetings give urban Band members the opportunity to gather and receive updates on issues that affect them and on programs and services being offered in the urban area and on the reservation. These meetings are held at the All Nations Indian Church from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Elder Outings/Trips/Meetings

Regular meetings and outings for recreation and entertainment are offered to Band Elders.

Urban Update

The Urban Update, a monthly supplement to the Band’s Ojibwe Inaajimowin newspaper, informs urban Band members about issues and activities relevant to them.

Volunteer Appreciation Program

This program recognizes volunteers’ contributions of valuable time and service at Urban Office functions and events.

Urban Honoring Our Pre-Schoolers (UHOPS)

This program celebrates students’ successes in participating in Head Start or Early Education for kindergarten preparation.

Twin City Voting Site

The Mille Lacs Band provides a designated polling site for urban Band members to vote in Mille Lacs Band Tribal Elections.

Smoke Alarms and CPR

Urban members who own a private home are eligible to receive free smoke alarms installed at no cost to them.

CPR/AED and First Aid Classes are also provided through the Urban Office.