43774 Weywenahbe Drive Demo & Replace

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, Community Development office will be accepting sealed lump sum bids for ta demo and replace single family home project ta 43774 Weywenahbe Drive, Onamia, MN 56359. Bids will be due Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 3:00 PM. Bids received will be opened and qualified by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe on Thursday June 8, 2023 at 10:00 AM.

A mandatory Pre-Bid site visit will be held on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 11am. Weywenahbe Drive is located on the north side of Nay Ah Shing Drive before the Henry Davis Drive intersection. The project site is the last lot on Weywenahbe Drive.

General Notes:

  1. It is the Contractors responsibility to identify any and all discrepancies in the scope of work, not meeting Industry Standards or that which is inconsistent with the International Residential Code (IRC), and Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe 2016 MLB Project Specification Book.
  2. All electrical wiring, apparatus and equipment for electric light, heat and power, technology circuits or systems shall comply with the rules of the Department of Commerce or the Department of Labor and Industry, as applicable, and be installed in conformity with accepted standards of construction for safety to life and property. Contractor should provide their electrical subcontractor with sufficient information so that cost of any code required updates are included in their base bid.
  3. Contractor must reconnect all utilities, service panel or service feed. Also includes gas, propane. Include such equipment or materials identified in the pre-bid conference.
  4. Contractor will secure all permits and fees.
  5. Contractor is responsible for a thorough investigation of the scope of work.
  6. Contractor will repair any damage to the property or structure created by the scope of work.

Work Scope Description: Unless otherwise noted all work shall be completed according to the 2016 MLB Spec Book.

Turn Key Construction. 2016 MLB Spec Book, Poplar Garage Front Right plans, including modifications specified within the following work scope.

  1. Provide materials and labor to demolish the existing home and outbuilding; and have all debris disposed of off-site. Contractor must submit all receipts for disposal to the owner.
  2. Contractor shall include cost of importing enough material to backfill the portion of the hole left from the old foundation that will not be under the new home. Contractor shall backfill to ensure the area matches the surrounding grade.
  3. Construct a new home: Poplar Garage Front Left. See plans and selection sheet for options.
    a. Furnace thermostat model to be installed will be Honeywell T6 Pro Series TH6210U2001.
    b. Contractor shall install Mid-America Mounting Blocks and Vents in Certainteed color specified. Mounting blocks shall be installed for all openings, j-channel will not be allowed to box any openings other than windows or doors.
    c. Contractor shall install #4 re-bar reinforcement @ 24” o.c. in exterior concrete; and #4 rebar @ 48” o.c. in house slab.
    d. Simpson H25 hurricane ties shall be installed at every roof truss, one at each end.
    e. For homes requiring a sump pump, pumps shall never discharge directly onto exterior concrete; and contractor shall include cost of 25’ extension for discharge with each installation.
    f. On foundations, aluminum coil stock must be sufficient width to extend a minimum of 6” below final grade.
    g. Insulate wall cavities with Knauf Jet Stream Ultra Blowing Wool Insulation.
    h. Provide materials and labor to construct a 5’x5’ concrete pad 4” thick. Supply and install AC-Guard security cage model ACGUKIT with AC-Guard Top Bar and 2 locks to be anchored with ½”x 3” Red Head anchor sleeves to the 5’x5’ pad.
    i. Window openings will have sheetrock returns for side jambs and marble sills. See selection sheet.
    j. Supply and install Shaw Infinite 8 luxury vinyl plank flooring. Install per manufacture’s specifications. Color is listed on the selection sheet.
    k. Baseboards shall be white pvc colonial style. Supply and install wood baseshoe at the bottom of cabinets and bath vanity stained per selection sheet.
    l. Updated models:
  1. Panasonic FV-05-11VKSL2 model, vented to the exterior. Include Condensation Module FV-CSVK1
  2. Exterior light fixtures: Patriot Lighting dualux LED dual head motion sensor exterior fixtures model: E9201WH.
  3. Whirlpool oven model# WFC150MOJW
  4. Whirlpool refrigerator model# WRT311FZDW.
  1. Excavate and install new frost footings. Excavate all material to footing depth and import clean sand fill material for backfilling per 2016 MLB Spec Book. Contractor is responsible for removal and export of any excess soils or fill quantities that cannot be used onsite.
  2. Elevation: Top of block for the new house foundation shall match that of the existing foundation. Top of block for garage shall be 1 course lower than the house. It shall be the contractor’s responsibility to mark this benchmark onsite at the start of the project prior to demolishing the existing home.
  3. Contractor shall include 500 extra blocks and 300 yards of extra fill used for foundation construction and backfill in their base bid. Unit costs submitted in Bid Alternate #1 shall be used to calculate credit back to Owner for unused Block and Fill. Note: these costs should include all associated materials, equipment and labor that would be necessary if the extra block and fill were utilized.
  4. Contractor shall include the cost of 3 compaction tests in their base bid.
  5. Provide code required radon mitigation system. This may be achieved by utilizing a shallow interior drain tile / pvc system and rock bed, vented through the roof.
  6. Foundation Drainage: Daylight drain tile to the exterior where grade allows, or provide sealed sump basket and pump. Provide a vertical stack cleanout on the highest point in the exterior drain tile system. Coordinate with Project Coordinator.
  7. Driveway Construction: The front of the new home’s garage shall be positioned 20’ in front of the old home’s front porch. Contractor shall sawcut and remove approx. 24’ of the existing asphalt driveway, this will include space for the 4’ garage apron. Removal and dispose of old asphalt materials. Concrete garage apron shall flare out to match the corners of the front sidewalk. Expansion joint shall be placed between garage apron and each abutment. Garage apron elevation shall match the existing asphalt elevation at sawcut and be ½” lower than garage floor elevation at front of garage. (Note additional asphalt may need to be removed depending upon condition of the asphalt.)
  8. Landscaping and final site work will be conducted by the Owner. General Contractor responsible for rough grading of the site to within three (3) inches of final grade. Rough grade must divert runoff away from the home with no areas of ponding. All areas within lot disturbed by construction shall be addressed.
    a. Area to Received Rough Grade Further Defined: Any disturbed areas on the lot. When rough grade is complete, no areas should pond water with runoff directed away from the home. Contractor will be required to call Project Coordinator for inspection and approval of their rough grade finish.
  9. Site Clearing: Contractor shall remove brush and trees within 20’ of home and garage perimeter.
  10. Construction limits will be 20’ surrounding the proposed home.
  11. Contractor shall be responsible for disconnection and remove of the yard light located to the left of the old garage. Contractor shall be responsible for disconnection and reconnection to all other utilities. Electric – MLEC (Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative), Propane Gas-(Lakes Gas), MLB sewer and water and all costs associated. All utilities shall be the Contractor’s responsibility until the home is officially turned over to the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (punch list completion). Propane level shall be no less than 30% when home is turned over to Housing.
  12. Construction of the home shall be permitted through MLBO.
  13. Contractor shall provide and install a mailbox with swing away post per spec book with numbering.
  14. Contractor will be expected to start construction as soon as possible and as identified in the schedule mutually agreed upon by the Contractor and the Owner. The project schedule shall be established upon final approval of the MLBO Construction Contract and prior to the commencement of any work. At minimum, the contractor must complete demolition of the existing structures, new foundation, interior concrete, onsite well and septic connection (including repairs) prior to ground freeze-up. The expectation is that construction will be out of the ground by then; and able to continue through to substantial completion.
  15. Contractor shall include 0.5% TERO tax fee in base bid. Receipt of TERO fee payment must be submitted to the Project Coordinator before the final pay application will be processed.
  16. Bids must be honored for 90 calendar days.
  17. Contractor must be substantially complete all work no later than 180 days after date of final contract approval.
  18. Submittals and Attachments:
    a. Pre-Bid Acknowledgement / Sign in sheet.
    b. All submittals shall be submitted within ten days of construction start.
    c. Contractor will provide a warranty outline with their proposal.
    d. Omissions or deletions will not be accepted without a written request indicating the reason why the omission or deletion is needed.
    e. O&M manuals will be created by the contractor with all warranty cards and operator manuals inserted in a three ring binder before punch list.
    f. [MLBO / CD] will choose all aesthetic types and colors.

Bid Alternate #1: Provide unit costs for extra block, footing steps, and extra fill. 500 extra blocks and 300 extra yards of fill should be included in the base bid for each home. Unit costs submitted shall be used to calculate credit for unused materials.

Bid Alternate #2: Please provide the total cost of demolition and debris removal activities included in your base bid. (For insurance claim purposes)

Specified Product Substitutions: All proposed product substitutions must be approved by the Project Coordinator 5 days prior to bid. Any approved substitutions, will be made available to all bidders.

Interested bidders shall contact Carla Dunkley at 320-630-2495 or by email at carla.dunkley@millelacsband.com to be included on the bidder’s list in the event that any addendums are issued for this project.

Mobilization and Project Schedule:

  1. The Contractor shall be capable of mobilizing his equipment, crews, and subcontractors within 60 days of a fully executed contract.
  2. Project will be substantially complete within 150 days from start of construction.
  3. General contractor expected to immediately, upon receipt of fully executed contract, source all required materials and products required for the project. Contractor must immediately notify project coordinator of items with long lead times that may impact project schedule.
  4. Contractor shall provide means and methods for all building phases of construction.
  5. Liquidated damages for exceeding specified timeframes will be in all contracts.



Bidding notes:

  1. Submit proposal in lump sum (supply and install), not to exceed amount.
  2. All Contractors (including subcontractors) must comply with Davis Bacon wage requirements.
  3. All Contractors are encourage to provide the following along with their bid submittal:
    a. Completed and signed MLB Community Development Construction Bid Form (Required)
    b. Completed schedule of values (billing worksheet page 2). Should include names of the sub-contractors supplying labor for each item and each materials supplier for each item. (Required)
    c. A copy of Current MLB Vendor’s License (or a copy of the submitted application)
    d. Bonding Surety - Bonding is required for this project, as such a letter from your bonding company must be included with your bid stating that if you are awarded the contract for this project that they will issue the required bond. Any bid submitted without this letter will be disqualified.
    e. A copy of Current Insurance Certificate
    f. A copy of Subcontractor/Material Supplier list
    g. A copy of valid State of Minnesota Contractor’s License
    h. A copy of Authorized Signature Sheet (submitted with first bid submittal)
  4. All Contractors must comply with all Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe American Indian Employment requirements (see 18 MLBSA § 5). Contact Lori Trail at (320) 532-4778.
  5. Bidders must thoroughly review the building plans, plan changes, selection sheets, MLB 2016 Spec Book, project rfp and any pre-bid addendums issued to ensure that they have accounted for and included the cost of all specified materials, products, equipment and labor in their bid.

All proposals must be mailed and labeled as follows:

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Commissioner of Community Development
Sealed bid: 43774 Weywenahbe Dr. D & R
PO Box 509
Onamia, MN 56359

Please note that the bids submitted via mail to the P.O. Box. FedEx and UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box and the Onamia post office will not accept hand delivered items. Please plan accordingly to ensure the timely receipt of your bid submittal. Do not require delivery signature.

**The Band reserves the right to reject any bid that it is unable to collect at the Onamia post office by the bid deadline date and time, provided that the Band has made diligent and reasonable efforts to collect the bid. The Band reserves this right even in the event that the bid has been postmarked before the deadline.


Firms must be licensed with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. A copy of this license (or the license application) must accompany each bid. Licensing process can take several weeks. If you are not currently licensed with the MLBO, please submit a copy of your license application along with your proposal. Contact Elizabeth Thornbloom at (320)532-8274 or via email at EThornbloom@grcasinos.com with questions regarding licensing and for the license application.

Permits: Contractors are responsible to attain all necessary permits for all work, including Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (MLBO) Permits.

Bonding Requirements: In accordance with Mille Lacs Band Title 7 as updated in Band Ordinance 07-22. Please note that bonding requirements on Mille Lacs Band Funded Residential projects has changed.

Band Ordinance 07-22 states the following:

For all Band funded residential construction projects, a performance bond is required for contracts in excess of $100,000.00.