Program Fair Comes to District II


Mille Lacs Band government employees brought information about programs and services to East Lake Community Center December 6 for the first of what is expected to be an ongoing series of “program fairs.” The fairs also provide easy access to job and program applications.

Assistant Commissioner of Administration Tiger Brown Bull brought the idea from his home on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where he served as Executive Director prior to his move to Mille Lacs. Like Mille Lacs, Pine Ridge encompasses a huge region, so it makes sense to help members get the services they need without driving a long distance.

Among the programs represented were Health and Human Services, Education (including Niigaan and Early Ed), Child Support Enforcement, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures, Human Resources, Housing, Aanjibimaadizing (Department of Labor), and Government Affairs (including the Ojibwe Inaajimowin newsletter).

The next program fair will take place at Aazhoomog Community Center in District III on February 14.