Special Education Coordinator--NASS

The Special Education Coordinator is responsible for working with kindergarten to grade 12 students, defining and implementing performance standards through individual education plans (IEP) and assisting special education staff and teachers in that implementation.

• Loves young people and can whole-heartedly engage in working with and for them.
• Bachelor’s degree in education or related field with proper Special Education Licensure.
• Two or more years of experience with in educational environment working with students with disabilities.
• Willingness to maintain a high level of competence, exercise discreet judgment and honor confidentiality.
• Experience with and understanding of Native American culture, values, traditional, and needs.
• Excellent organization, interpersonal, communication and coaching skills.
• Experience, familiarity and the ability to work with the diverse constituencies of the Nay Ah Shing School.
• Must have current valid driver’s license.
• Must be insurable under the Mille Lacs Band Drivers Insurance policy.
• Compliance with the background check policy.
• Compliance with the Mille Lacs Band Drug & Alcohol Policy.
• Must have current valid driver’s license.
• Must be insurable under the Mille Lacs Band Drivers Insurance policy.
• Must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.
• Background investigation required that shows no theft or fraud above a misdemeanor, no felony drug conviction and no sexual or crimes-against-a-person conviction at any level.
• A staff person with direct contact with or access to children in care must disclose the arrest, conviction, and applicant background information if that staff person:
(a) has a conviction of, has admitted to, has an adjudication of delinquency for, has been charged and is awaiting trial for, or a preponderance of the evidence indicates the person has committed:

  1. a crime against a child;
  2. an act of physical or sexual abuse;
  3. neglect;
  4. a felony;
  5. the same or similar crimes as those in this subsection listed in the laws of another state or of the United States or of any Tribal law;
    (b) has a conviction of, has admitted to, has an adjudication of delinquency for, has been charged and is awaiting trial for, or a preponderance of the evidence indicates the person has committed any misdemeanor offense under Federal, State, or Tribal law involving crimes of violence; sexual assault, molestation, exploitation, contact or prostitution; crimes against persons; or offenses committed against children. The Licensing Committee may evaluate the nature and time of a misdemeanor assault charge as well as other types of misdemeanor crimes not specified in this section to determine whether employment is appropriate.
    8 MLBSA § 1212(a-b).

Faculty & Staff
• Supervises the Special Education staff, which consists of 20 teachers and para-professionals, (teacher assistants).
• Assists in understanding of I.E.P. performance goals and their application in the classroom.
• Facilitates scheduling of special education staff to meet the needs of the student’s IEP’s.
• Observes classrooms and provides feedback to Principal, to incorporate into teacher development plans.
• Participates in orientation, mentoring of new faculty and staff. Prepares training sessions for in-service.
• Assists teachers with students having difficulty to provide insight into student and family situations.
• Facilitates IEP meetings with faculty and staff.
• Designs hands-on curriculum in disability needs/management for incorporation into the classroom and student development.
• Work with the curriculum specialist and special education staff to integrate disability needs and information into curriculum.
• Grant research and writing to solicit funds for children with special needs.
• Work with students and families a minimum of 20 hours per week, monitoring own program for effectiveness.
• Knows and ensures regulatory reporting requirements are met.
• Models desired teacher behavior with students and staff in actual classroom settings.
• Assists in preparing and implementing improvement plans for individual students who are having difficulty.
• Oversees maintenance of student disability records.
• Develops screening procedure for disability and participates in screening.
• Ensures disability assessments are completed and follows up to ensure needs are met.
• Makes referral to agencies and programs as appropriate.
Parent, Community and Other:
• Serves as a disability services advocate for Nay Ah Shing students.
• Participates in parent and community meetings.
• Prepares and conducts parent trainings in disability needs and services.
• Assists with recruitment and enrollment for special needs students.
• Ensures all parent information and consent requirements are met.
• Participates in projects needing expertise.
• Reporting responsibilities to BIA, State and other entities required.
• Participates in setting up systems to ensure accurate disability records are maintained.
• Develops partnerships with appropriate agencies to get services.
• Conducts self-assessment for disability services, uses information to develop plan and goals for upcoming year.
• Other duties as assigned

• Nature of work is such that the incumbent experiences regular periods of moderate stress levels. Primary sources of stress deal with children and parent issues, workload, and trainings.
• Work is exclusively in doors in a controlled climate area.
• Minimal threat of personal danger or risk due to behaviors of children.
• Hours are typically 8-5, but extra hours may be necessary to meet deadlines and maintain workload.
• Local travel is required; travel outside the state is very limited.

Submit resume, cover letter, and employment application to:

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Employment Coordinator
43408 Oodena Dr.
Onamia, MN 56359

Fax: (320) 532-7492