Child Support Enforcement Program-Financial Specialist

Child Support Enforcement Program-Financial Specialist

Any individual who receives an offer of employment or will receive a payroll check are required to submit to a drug and alcohol test as a condition of obtaining employment.
Mille Lacs Band Member/American Indian preference applies

To provide administrative, technical, and professional work related to financial, accounting and reporting for the Mille Lacs Band’s tribal child support enforcement program, which requires the highest level of quality and professionalism. Work must be performed in compliance with the appropriate federal distribution regulations, guidelines, policies, and approved internal controls.

The financial specialist is responsible for the proper receipting, posting, distribution, and disbursement of all child support payments received from all sources including but not limited to, interception of per capita, wages, outside jurisdictions, and/or other in-coming payments, in the Band’s automated child support system (MTS). The financial specialist will work closely with OMB, employers, and other state and tribal jurisdictions to ensure payments are properly withheld, recorded, disbursed across cases, and distributed pursuant to court orders, Band Statute and federal IV-D distribution rules.

The financial specialist will work closely with the MLB-CSEP co-workers to ensure all new or revised orders for child support are accurately recorded and collections are disbursed to the proper payees in a timely manner. The financial specialist must ensure all payments are accounted for on no less than a monthly basis and will also provide accurate payment records to custodial and non-custodial parents and/or custodians as requested and on an annual basis. Collection and distribution records may also be requested by the tribal court, state and tribal IV-D agencies if allowed under federal regulations and pursuant to any agreements with outside IV-D agencies, such as the State of MN IV-D program. It is the responsibility of the financial specialist to provide true and accurate records as requested. Duties also include assisting parents and custodians with payment information as requested.

The financial specialist will prepare the quarterly federal 34A report and assist the IV-D Director with the gathering of data for the annual OCSE75 report. Additional information related to the collections and distribution may be requested by the IV-D director and the financial specialist shall comply with all requests made.

• AA Degree in accounting, finance, business or related fields required
• Bachelor’s degree in business, paralegal studies, accounting, or related field preferred.
• (5) Five years of experience in child support, or accounting required or a combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities.
• Knowledge and understanding of tribal statutes, state statues and federal regulations pertaining to tribal child support, collections, and distribution is required.
• Ability to read and interpret court orders for accurate tracking in the MTS;
• Must be able to accurately receipt, distribute, and disburse payments in accordance with the federal distribution rules in the MTS;
• Assist in the collection of support and recovery of all debts;
• Ability and willingness to work closely with MLB OMB for the interception of per capita and wages based on court orders
• Ability to interpret complex child support calculations using business arithmetic; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages and decimals.
• Ability and experience to work independently with minimal supervision.
• Experience with accounts payable and receivable required.
• Ability to comprehend and interpret a variety of documents including case records, statutes, statistics and court documents.
• Knowledge and ability to properly prepare financial documents as requested by the IV-D Director or Case Managers for the processing of legal actions
• Must prepare account statements for all custodial and non-custodial parents/custodians upon request and on an annual basis
• Compile and track statistical information to complete quarterly and annual federal grant reports. Experience with federal financial reporting required.
• Ability to calculate and monitor child support arrears balances and update case financial information as needed.
• Ability to work in a highly complex automated child support system (MTS) and must be willing and able to attend trainings in the use of the MTS.
• Must have the ability and willingness to work with the strict policies and procedures related to payment processing
• Must respond to all requests for financial data on shared-interest cases with the State of MN pursuant to the Work Plan and other state and tribal jurisdictions.
• Must be able to maintain strict ethical and professional practices regarding client confidentiality. Previous experience handling highly confidential information required.
• Advanced skills in Microsoft programs including excel and word are required.
• Ability to communicate effectively and maintain positive professional relationships with internal and external agency representatives.
• Strong written, verbal, analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills required.
• Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
• Experience in, and sensitivity to, Native American culture required.
• Must be able to remain positive, dependable, and trustworthy at all times.
• Must have a valid driver’s license and be insurable under the Band’s insurance policy.
• Contact with children requires passing a complete background check.
• Must be bondable.
• Some local/non-local travel required.
• Current driver’s license
• Reliable personal transportation
• Insurability under the Band’s Auto Insurance Policy
• Passing of a complete background study
• Must be bondable pursuant to the Band’s policy against loss

• Interpret and apply the Mille Lacs Band statutes, MN state laws and statues and federal regulations pertaining to child support enforcement and payment distribution.
• Cooperate with other states, counties and tribes in a professional manner to collect debts, facilitate write-offs, and provide financial data as required
• Work with MLB OMB and employers to ensure all payments are deducted and remitted pursuant to the court order are received in a timely manner
• Prepare and maintain quarterly and annual financial reports for submission to the federal grantor for the program. This may require the ability to upload reports into Grants Solutions/OLDC for the review and final approval by the IV-D Director.
• Coordinate all financial payment transactions for the child support program including; account balancing, check requesting and receiving and EFT reporting.
• Meticulously maintain client case files by keeping clear records of all financial transactions and updated court order information.
• Maintain high ethical standards by adhering to strict confidentiality and conflict-of-interest requirements.
• Prepare and communicate professional level correspondence to employers, county and state agencies to assist with collection of child support.
• Responsible for case account accuracy and account balancing updating potentially several hundred accounts on a weekly and biweekly time frame.
• Provide back-up to other program staff as needed.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Nature of work is such that incumbent experiences infrequent periods of low to moderate stress while dealing with clients, family members, and others.
• Work is primarily indoors in a climate controlled office or community setting, with no work outside or in a harsh climate.
• There is little threat of personal danger or risk.
• Hours are typically 8-5.
• Some local travel and out-state travel may be required.

Submit resume, cover letter, and employment application to:

43408 Oodena Drive
Onamia, MN 56359

Fax: 320-532-7492