Department of Natural Resources

Frequently Asked Deer Harvest Questions

2020 Harvest Guidelines for Mille Lacs Lake

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Landing Declaration Form

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) develops and implements wildlife, fish and forestry improvement activities and regulates hunting, fishing and gathering on the reservation. It also preserves cultural knowledge and practices as natural resources and provides many other services, including conservation enforcement, environmental protection, natural resource permits, historical preservation and tribal enrollment.

Katie Draper
Commissioner of Natural Resources



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Conservation Enforcement

This program utilizes Band game wardens to enforce game, fish and environmental laws.

Cultural Resources


The Tribal Enrollments Office assists people who want to enroll as a Mille Lacs Band member. It also provides enrolled Band members with tribal identification cards. For more information on Tribal Enrollments, please see Enrollments.

Enrollment Application

Jana Sam
Enrollment Manager


Environmental Programs

Environmental Programs operates, administers and coordinates activities associated with the Environmental Protection Agency and Band funded programs. In addition, inspections of NPDES (stormwater) and Underground Storage Tanks are conducted to ensure environmental resource protection. Environmental Programs includes an air program, ground/surface water program, a water quality lab and a Brownfield Response Program.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate services are provided to Band members who have questions about land leases, purchases, or other real estate activities

Resource Management

The Resource Management Program includes operations and administration of fisheries, licensing, wildlife studies, investigations and research projects.

Kelly Applegate
Director of Resource Management


Tribal Historical Preservation Office

This program works to preserve archaeological sites and repatriate artifacts.

The tribal government’s archives department collects and preserves written materials for the Band and makes them available to researchers and other interested people.