Early Education

Head Start, Early Head Start, and day care services are available for infants, toddlers and preschoolers ages 0-5 in District I. Districts II and III offer Early Head Start and Head Start to children ages 0-5.

Early Education Brochure

Ojibwe Language Program

This program assures that day care and Head Start students are taught by two fluent Ojibwe speakers for 35-45 minutes a day. It provides a speaker in each classroom.

Ojibwe Language Coordinator

320-532-4695 ext. 2101

Nutrition Program

Free breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are provided to children in Early Education programs.

Nutrition Coordinator


Parent Education Evenings

Parents and children participate in activities to improve their parenting and educational skills. This includes family activity nights, positive Indian parenting, and fatherhood events.

Family Activity Events

Held once a month, these events are open to parents and families of Early Education children who want to learn about topics such as child development, nutrition, and family stress.

Time with Child Program

This program grants Band employees three hours of paid leave from work each month to spend time with their children in school.

Mille Lacs Early Education Parent Store

Parents who volunteer their time by attending Early Education parent committee meetings or parent activity nights, working in the classroom, or performing other activities earn “parent bucks” to use in the Parent Store. The store features household goods, personal care products, and children’s toys and games.

Parent Action Committee Meetings

These meetings provide a small-group setting in which parents and teachers can talk about a child’s in-school performance or discuss topics such as child development. These meetings are held monthly.

320-532-4695 ext. 2160

Head Start Policy Council

Elected Head Start parents serve on a board that works with staff and the school board to make decisions on policies and procedures for the Head Start program.

Mary Fletcher
Early Education Director